About Our Foundry & Studio

Birmingham Sculpture, LLC is a Birmingham, Alabama (USA)-based team of professional artists with international experience and prestige. We operate a full service foundry, capable of handling all aspects of the production process. Our sculptures are made with a variety of mediums for public and private use, including bronze, iron, brass, wood, and other natural elements. 


We are inspired by the creative process and enjoy collaborating across disciplines.  Commissions include set design for theatre and dance productions, landscapes for outdoor learning spaces and interactive sculpture for public use. 


For clients seeking specialty items or gifts, we also offer pre-designed products ready for order, including table top sculptures, corporate gifts, furniture and home furnishings.


Regardless of the client’s interest, our ultimate aim is to provide quality craftsmanship, personable service and timely delivery.  We hope to inspire contemplation and beauty in our everyday world.

Our Team
John Stewart Jackson

"After spending time overseas, I wanted to come home to my roots and start my own foundry. Doing this is such a blessing."
Joe McCreary

"Every time I engage in the casting process I feel the same wonder that every foundry person has felt
before me."
Holly Reese McCreary
Operations & Artist

"We've worked together and supported each other for a long time. We are family!"
Heidi Stoeckley
Operations & Collaborator

"As a professional dancer, I am inspired every day by Joe & John Stewart's art. It's an honor to support the team's business!"
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